Editorial: The Hills I Shall Die Upon

Any creative person will tell you that in order to start a creative project, one must have a direction. Direction leads to discovery, which leads to focus. For the better part of the last month, I’ve been struggling with finding a direction for this publication. My problem is rooted in the fact that I am interested in so many things, taking a direction seemed impossible.

So in order to choose a direction, I decided to look within myself and find the things that truly fascinate me, inspire me, and are worth fighting for. I wanted to choose things that I could learn more about and impart my knowledge to others in a constructive, progressive manner.

After much deliberation, I chose the following five topics. They are broad enough to keep my attention, but focused enough that people will be able to find and learn about them without getting too overwhelmed. I feared that too much focus would undermine the spirit of this publication, but it’s called The Aimless Polymath, not The Unfocused Polymath.


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Journalism certainly has taken a huge hit as of late. Not only has the industry seen record numbers of print news companies close, advertising rates plummet, and staffs severely downsizing, it is now one of the least trusted institutions in America. This hurts my heart and angers my brain, as the news media is one of my most beloved things in the world. While it is not perfect, I stand behind its integrity, and I feel that if more people understood how it truly works, more people will trust in it.

I’ve always said that journalism is the key to experiencing something without having to dedicate oneself to pursuing that one thing. If I wanted to be a football player, I could either spend my entire life getting and staying in shape, learning the game, playing it at all levels, risking life-changing injury and financial uncertainty, or I could talk to players at all levels, collect their experiences, craft a narrative, and share my newfound knowledge with the world. I can get the experience of being a football player without becoming one through journalism.

When it comes to this publication, I will mainly focus on how the industry works, why it is important to maintain a well-informed democracy, and explore the future of journalism. Occasionally, I may post a narrative style news article.


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I love to read. I also love to analyze literature and study the craft of writing. With so many ways one can consume literature nowadays, it makes not reading books more of a conscious choice, rather than due to a lack of access to books. I tend to read classic 19th and 20th century English and American literature, along with sci-fi and fantasy novels. I’m also a big fan of comic books, which will also make an appearance every now and then in this publication.

I mainly plan to offer reviews of books I’ve read, make recommendations, feature authors’ profiles, and delve into the process and craft of writing.

Mental Health

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If there is anything in this world that is more misunderstood and stigmatized, that affects almost every human, either directly or indirectly, is mental health. Our species is just now realizing that mental health is a major problem, and I fully support the normalization, acceptance, and pursuit of treatment for mental health problems as well as supporting medical and scientific efforts to combat it.

On a personal note, I suffer from depression and anxiety, and I battle it every day. This publication will be the place where I post my own mental health struggles, along with interviews with others who are struggling. I also will post pieces about latest advances in treatment and how mental health is affecting society as a whole.


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Another institution that is suffering from the distrust of the American people is science, and again it seems to be the lack of scientific understanding that fuels the distrust. With this publication, I want to post things that will hopefully dispel the lack of trust, and show those who are ignorant about the world around them that there are ways to come to correct, albeit ever evolving, answers about the universe.

I also will post pieces about logic and rational thinking, philosophy, and proper methods of scientific inquiry. I hope to score some interviews with scientists as well.

Women’s Sports

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When it comes to feminism and the growing desire to equalize the efforts of women in society, I could’ve chosen so many different topics. However, I wanted one that doesn’t get a whole lot of exposure. I chose women’s sports because I think that the merits of women in sports never get talked about unless there is a high profile event involving women’s sports is occurring. I want to make this publication a depository of the achievements of women in all sorts of sports.

I also want to shine a light on some sports that many would not realize are played by women, have interviews with female athletes, and celebrate milestones that often get overlooked by the mainstream media.

In conclusion, I hope that my efforts here do not go unnoticed, and that they may help others become more involved, informed, and aware of these topics. I also feel that I may have a unique perspective about each of these topics, and sharing it would be beneficial. The schedule of new content is not a solid one, but I’m hoping to post at least one article per subject a week. Please follow if you’re interested in any of this content, and feel free to share.

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