An Introduction

Hello, dear reader.

I’m sure that if you’re reading this, you’ve somehow stumbled upon this blog by accident, clicking a link you didn’t realize you did. Perhaps someone I know was nice enough to post this link to their social media, and you were curious as to why our mutual friend would post such a link. Regardless of how you got here, I’m glad you are here, and I hope you enjoy yourself.

I’ve never been good at talking about myself. I’d rather talk to you about experiences I’ve had, or tidbits of knowledge I’ve accrued, or how great D&D is. Small talk, to me, is like shoving an ice pick into my urethra and then hitting the handle with a baseball bat. I don’t care about the weather, but I’ll gladly chat with you about WHY the weather is occurring. When someone begins to take the small talk road, my brain immediately goes into “mmhmm” mode. I’m not really listening, just repeating token phrases until they shut up.

If you didn’t click away after reading that wonderful visual analogy in the last paragraph, I commend you, and I believe we will become fast friends. My sense of humor ranges from vulgar to the sarcastic to obscure and obtuse. If I find a joke thread, I will run it into the ground with gleeful enthusiasm and blissful ignorance of how it annoys the hell out of everyone around me. Consider this a fair warning.

I started this blog for many reasons. One, my attempts to start blogging have been numerous and short-lived exercises in manic, hyper-focused motivation followed by deep cesspools of depression and inactivity. I have started blogs about many different topics, but my interest in them has either waned or writing about the topic became too in-depth for me to keep up with it. My interests are too broad and diverse to start a blog about each one, so I decided to just make a blog that includes everything I’m into.

See? This was one of my better articles.

If you’re wondering about my writing credentials, they are nothing to brag about, but they have given me some experience as a paid writer. I graduated from the College of Central Florida (not to be confused with the University of Central Florida) with an AA degree in Mass Communications/Journalism. I wrote, with some respectability, for the college news paper for a semester. I also wrote a few personality pieces for a local community magazine in Ocala, Fla. I wrote a few science articles for a now defunct online magazine called The Celestial Teapot. My biggest body of journalistic work to date belongs to my time writing for Digital Journal, a Canadian-owned news website.

I’ve also dabbled in audio, spending a short time as a podcast producer, social media manager, and intern for WOCA Radio in Ocala. I started two different podcasts of my own but let both fizzle out due to lack of content and general laziness. Pending a computer upgrade, I do want to dive back into the podcast game soon.

So, with my experience laid out, I will now regale you with what you should expect from this blog. Expect randomness. Expect lots of incredibly nerdy things. Expect a substantially left-wing viewpoint on current events and issues. Expect lots of cursing, wallowing in depressive moods, and occasional flashes of goddamn brilliance. There is much I need to purge my brain of, and this blog will be the repository of all of it. Do I expect you to like it? No. I do expect you to leave my blog with some new piece of knowledge, a fresh perspective, and hopefully a smile on your face. This is a blog about positivity, inclusion, and creativity. It is a celebration of everything I love and the other people who love it with me.

So, look around. You might find something you like, or at least agree with. Don’t be afraid to share stuff you find on here with your friends. They’ll either think you’re a fucking genius or in need of new hobbies. I’m going to bet on the former.

Sean Fraser

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