Session 2: Phandalin and a Lost Opportunity

11th-12th day of Highsun, 1481 DR

After discovering Gundren’s map case amongst the dead horses, Danial and Pimpernel made their way down the trail to follow the tracks when they came upon a pit trap and two victims of the trap. After much deliberation as to whether they should rescue or rob the pair, Pimpernel lowered a rope down to the pair and let them out. A Dragonborn and a half elf emerged, introducing themselves as Bartholomeau and Xidas the Inevitable, respectively. Bartholomeau then promptly kicked Xidas back into the pit, seemingly as retaliation for her failure to guide him safely through the woods as he had hired her to do.

After deciding to join Danial and Pimpernel on their journey, the foursome abandoned their search for Gundren in favor of getting the supplies to Phandalin safely before venturing to find their new boss.

Returning to the cart, they discovered Claudius drunk and naked, singing dwarven drinking songs while Ren napped on the cart seat. After Claudius fell into a ditch, the group collected him and put him in the back of the cart and headed to Phandalin. Once in town, they delivered the goods to Elmar Barthen, of Barthen’s Provisions. Barthen paid the group 10gp each for their effort and begrudgingly housed Claudius and Ren until they sobered up.

The group then headed to the Stonehill Inn, where Danial conned a drink out of a dwarf miner named Lanar and Pimpernel failed to woo the barmaid. Meanwhile, Bartholomeau went to the Lionshield Coster and met Linene Graywind, who informed Bart about how her last shipment of weapons and armor was stolen by the Cragmaw goblins and offered half off of any purchase for the group if he and his group retrieved her lost shipment.

Bart returned to the group and informed them of the offer when five Redbrands arrived. The leader of the group recognized Pimpernel as a former Redbrand and proceeded to taunt him. Xidas tried to dance with one of the Redbrands to avoid a fight, but earned a slap in the face instead. A skirmish ensued, and one of the Redbrands attempted to escape to get reinforcements. He was cut off by Bart and was soon dispatched when the fight was interrupted by Orrick Fireforge, the dwarf who was accompanying Gundren and was kidnapped. He finished off the remaining Redbrands and scolded the group for not coming to find him, as he had to fight his way out of the cave he was imprisoned in.

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