Session 3: In Pursuit of the Redbrands

12th of Highsun, 1481 DR

After the brawl at the Stonehill Inn, our adventurers were scolded by Harbin Wester, the Phandalin Townmaster, for stirring up trouble with the Redbrands. As he choked back being sick from seeing all the blood, Wester charged the group with ridding the town of the Redbrands as well as getting rid of a group of orcs that terrorize the town’s shipments to the north as penance. As they exit the inn, they meet a tiefling knight by the name of Amadeus, who is in town to gather information about Wave Echo Cave for his noble. Seeing that this group might have aligning goals, Amadeus joins them.

The group gathers together to formulate a plan about dealing with the Redbrands while Pimpernel relieves himself on the corpse of a Redbrand from the bar room fight. Pimpernel then reveals that he is a local and has an aunt that lives in town, the group pays her a visit to see if she knows anything about what is going on with the Redbrands. There, Danial steals and eats an entire strawberry rhubarb pie and stays outside, playing a mournful tune on his flute as the rest of the group goes inside.

Pimpernel’s aunt, Qelline, serves up some fresh pie for the group as she regales them about Pimpernel in his youth. Then she insists that her son, Carp, come meet the party and say hello to his cousin, whom he hasn’t seen in four years. Carp appears and informs the party that he and some friends found a secret cave that led into the Redbrands’ hideout under Tresendar manor. They were searching for a place to “do a ritual” to conjure Asmodeus to help get them Death Cart For Cutie tickets.

After leaving Qelline’s house, Orrick informs Danial of their plans. Danial, not understanding exactly where they are going, turns and heads back into town, thinking they are going to search for more Redbrands there. With the bard leaving his party behind, Orrick breathes a sigh of relief (for he hates bards) and ushers the others to head towards Tresendar Manor.

Pimpernel, pretending to not know about this secret entrance, leads the group per Carp’s directions, into the cave. Orrick stands guard outside to prevent the party from getting ambushed from behind. They attempt to sneak around, but Amadeus and Claudius make too much noise in their armor and startle a creature called a nothic. A smelly and messy battle ensued, and while Pimpernel too heavy damage, the party prevails. Pimpernel finds the nothic’s horde of treasure, which included coin, a couple health potions, a spell scroll, and a seemingly important longsword.

Delving deeper into the hideout, the group finds themselves getting caught by a trio of bugbears who were taunting and bullying a little goblin in a small bedroom. After Pimpernel disemboweled one of the bugbears, the other two cut their losses and run, but not before taking some damage from the other party members. The goblin, who hid under a bed until the fighting is over, emerges and introduces himself as Droop. Droop reveals that the bugbears were torturing him and that he now owes a life debt to the group.

Pimpernel pees on the entrails of the dead bugbear.

With their new companion in tow, the party must now explore more of the hideout in search of more Redbrands to eliminate.

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