Session 4: Heads are Gonna Roll

12th-13th days of Highsun, 1481 DR

Our adventurers found themselves deep in the heart of the Redbrand Hideout under Tresendar Manor. After dispatching Mosk the bugbear and driving his allies to flee, The group inherited Droop, a goblin the bugbears were picking on. He agreed to help navigate the rest of the hideout in exchange for joining the group.

Droop led them to the next room where he informed the party that there were…well, lots of Redbrands in the next room. Instead of facing them, the party skirted around the room via the cave and found themselves in a store room. Claudius, using his expertise in stone masonry, discovered a secret door that led to a staircase that seemed to end at a wall.

Claudius recognized the signs of another secret door, and the group opened the door into the bed chambers of Glasstaff, the Redbrands’ leader. Glasstaff was writing a letter when he was surprised, and thanks to the quick thinking and hands of Claudius, was unable to snatch his staff to defend himself. Pimpernel and Xidas made incredibly quick work of Glasstaff, beheading him before he could make a sound.

Claudius found a letter from a person who signed it with a black spider, naming Glasstaff as “Lord Albreck,” and advised him to watch out for “strangers in Phandalin arriving from Neverwinter” aiding the Rockseeker brothers in their pursuit of Wave Echo Cave. After collecting Albreck’s head and mounting it on the staff, the party circled around back to the store room. Another search revealed another secret door that led to a hallway with two doors. One led to the armory, where the party donned the signature red sashes and continued to the next room.

Beyond the next door was a giant mausoleum containing three sarcophagi and three skeletal soldiers guarding them. As the party approached the sarcophagi, the skeletons awoke. However, since they were wearing the Redbrand sashes, they did not attack, and instead stood at ease with Pimpernel’s command. Xidas managed to open one sarcophagus and retrieved a signet ring. The others struggled to open the other ones, and gave up soon after.

Moving on, the party discovered a prison room, where two women and one boy were being held in cells and guarded by two Redbrands. The party quickly dispatched the guards and freed the prisoners, who revealed that they were citizens of Phandalin. Mirna Dendrar and her two children praised and thanked the group for freeing them and asked if they had found her husband, Thel. Sadly, the party discovered his half-eaten body under one of the bridges in the cave, but the group didn’t have the heart to tell her.

Meanwhile, Danial had wandered back to town and came upon the Shrine of Luck, tended to by Sister Gaerele. After a bit of a rough introduction, Danial asked her if she knew where some Redbrands were. She pointed out the Sleeping Giant Inn as a popular hangout for them, and noted that they seemed to be stationed in Tresendar Manor. Danial decided to make his way to the Sleeping Giant Inn where he goaded a Redbrand out with a game of chance. As the ruffian played, Danial attacked him, bashing his face into his barrel that he was using as a table for his card game. The other two ruffians soon joined the fray, attacking Danial and wounding him greatly. The fight was broken up by the barkeep who chastised Danial for picking a fight at his establishment.

Back in the Redbrand hideout, the party continued to explore and found the room that served as the manor’s storage basement and cistern. Xidas found a satchel hanging in the water of the cistern containing Glasstaff’s escape package, including a health potion, a potion of invisibility, and some traveling clothes. The group then hatched a plan to draw out the remaining Redbrands by setting a few rooms on fire and smoking them out.

After Claudius and Amadeus set Glasstaff’s room and the bugbears’ room on fire, Xidas and Pimpernel gathered dry straw to burn down the bridges over the deep crevasse in the cave. However, Xidas didn’t cross the bridge in time and fell into the crevasse. Claudius quickly went to her aid, only to find himself right next to her at the bottom, needing rescue himself. Amadeus, living up to his knightly duty, dove into into the fire to rescue his new group mates. He successfully rescued Xidas, but as he and Claudius made their way to the top, Amadeus fell into the fire and wasn’t seen or heard again.

The group escaped the cave and waited for the Redbrands to emerge and found Orrick had subdued the bugbears. As the Redbrands came from the cave, the party attacked, easily eliminating the last of the wretched group. However, a woman had emerged as well, and upon seeing Pimpernel, squealed with delight and embraced him. Pimpernel introduced the woman as Clara, Pimpernel’s “bitch,” a title Clara was happy to wear.

The party made their way back to Phandalin and was met by exuberant citizens who praised and applauded the group for eliminating the Redbrands. They met Danial at the Shrine of Luck, where Sister Gaerele tasked Danial to go visit an entity in the nearby town of Conyberry to extract some information about a lost spellbook. Now reunited, the group was treated to a town feast, free room and board at the Stonehill Inn, and 1500gp from Townmaster Wester, who declared them to be the Heroes of Phandalin.

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