Session 5: The Burdens of Heroes

13th-14th of Highsun, 1481 DR

As the party for the Heroes of Phandalin wound down, Bart returned to the party after a bit of a shopping spree that netted him a Bag of Holding and a Cloak of Billowing. Ren also found her way back to the party after recovering from the long trip to Phandalin by getting and staying REALLY high for three days.

The party reconvened in the Stonehill Inn and drank until the wee hours of the evening. During this time, an old elf named Daran Edermath approached the party. He praised the group for ridding the town of the Redbrands, mentioning that he too was once an adventurer and he respected their efforts. He asked the party if they could help him and the group he represented, the Order of the Gauntlet, with an issue. It seemed that reports from miners and prospectors of undead activity near an old watchtower called Old Owl Well has gotten the attention of the Order, and they have tasked Edermath to find a way to investigate it.

After he left, the party was visited by Pimpernel’s aunt Qelline and her cousin Carp. As the party discussed their upcoming tasks, Qelline suggests they seek out an old friend of hers, a druid named Reidoth, who wanders around Neverwinter Wood documenting wildlife and plant life, and knows the area well. She mentioned he usually camped in an old, ruined town called Thundertree north of Phandalin.

Townmaster Wester joined the group and reminded them that there was still a paying gig he had offered them: finding the orcs who kept harassing travelers on the Triboar Trail. From reports of accosted miners, Wester informed the group that the orcs were most likely headquartered at a place called Wyvern Tor, east of Phandalin in the mountains.

With their plate full, Orrick dropped one last thing on it: they still need to find Gundren. He mentioned that while in captivity, he heard some of his goblin captors mention something called “Cragmaw.” Upon hearing this, the little goblin Droop perked up and tried to hide that he knew something. After Xidas and Danial bribed him with bacon and pie, Droop confessed that his goblin friends were holed up in an old, ruined castle they called Cragmaw Castle somewhere in Neverwinter Wood, but he couldn’t remember where. He also confessed that that was probably where the goblins took Gundren.

Orrick proposed the group take a vote on whether they pursued the tasks given by the citizens (including taking the mysterious box Danial received from Sister Garele) or finding Gundren. The vote was unanimously in favor of finding Gundren. Orrick told the group to prepare for a trip bright and early the next morning.

After a restful night’s sleep, the party spent the morning at the Lionshield Coster buying items for their journey and set out to meet Orrick at the beginning of the Triboar Trail.

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