Session 6: Crashing Cragmaw Castle

14th-15th of Highsun, 1481 DR

When we last left our adventurers…

The group ate breakfast at the Stonehill Inn in preparation for their trek to Cragmaw Castle. Claudius did not join them for the meal because he was still passed out from the massive amount of drinking he had done the night before. However, as he was sleeping he had a dream about walking up stairs on a cliff, being goaded into continuing by an ethereal voice upon the winds. Once he made it to the top he was met by a robed female dwarf who told him that he was needed by the god Tyr, and was asked if he was ready to serve him.

After waking up, Claudius found himself on the road heading up the Triboar Trail, fully dressed and hungover. He was met soon after by his friends who were dumbfounded (as Claudius was) as to how he made it there so quickly. Despite this mystery, the group headed up the trail on their way to Neverwinter Wood.

Along the way, they were passed by a couple dwarven miners who informed them of an abandoned campsite further up the road. The group came upon the site and began an investigation. Xidas discovered an injured wolf inside the tent who had torn everything in the tent to make a protective nest while it nursed its wounds. After offering it jerky from her rations and a few miscues, Xidas earned enough trust to lure the wolf out. It seemed to bond with her and stayed by her side.

Pimpernel, meanwhile, discovered a crate and struggled to get it open. After breaking the lid revealing the crate was full of silver ore, he heard a giggle from a tree behind him. Suddenly, he found himself charmed by the creature, who was revealed to be a dryad, and tried to lure Pimpernel away from his friends. The other members attacked the dryad, who quickly turned from alluring to deadly. Bart also found himself charmed by another dryad, but the group quickly dispatched both enemies.

Further investigation of the campsite revealed a finance ledger and a map case full of contracts, each bearing the names of Tharden and Nundro Rockseeker, respectively. Orrick informed the party that Tharden and Nundro were Gundren’s brothers helping him find the Forge of Spells and start a business. Now with all of the Rockseeker brothers missing, the party realized the gravity of their mission.

After traveling a couple more hours, the party set up camp for the evening. On the third watch, Orrick and Bart were attacked. Xidas awoke and immediately identified a goblin as the perpetrator, and the party was then assaulted by two more goblins. After killing two, they captured the third, named Yeemik, whom hog tied to the glass staff.

The next morning, Yeemik made a deal with the group. He’d lead them to Cragmaw Castle if they let him go. Danial forcibly adopted Yeemik as his “second son” along with Droop and the party made their way to the ruined castle. There, Yeemik attempted to lure the guards at the front door while the party hid in the woods. However, they were noticed by the guards, but they didn’t stay alive long enough to do anything about it.

Once inside the castle, they were discovered by a goblin archer returning to his post after taking a dump, and he alerted more goblins. Three other goblins joined the fray, and after a small skirmish, the party overcame them. They turned their attention to the number of doors before them, needing to choose a path to continue their assault and rescue Gundren.

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