Session 7: Conquering Cragmaw

15th of Highsun, 1481 DR

The party ventured further into Cragmaw Castle, pumping their recently acquired goblin allies for information about what to expect later in the castle. They concocted a plan to use Danial’s charmed goblins (referred to as Goblin 3 and Goblin 4) to lure out a group of goblins from the mess hall, but an unconvincing performance by Goblin 3 led to a skirmish anyway.

In an effort to hide from the goblins in the mess hall, Pimpernel snuck into an adjacent room where he was assaulted by a grick, a pet of the goblin “priest,” Lhupo. Claudius entered the room and provided aid to Pimpernel and after a tense battle, they were able to slay the tentacled beast.

The battling with the grick drew the attention of two bugbears who were in the sanctuary adjacent to the grick’s room, but the group easily dispatched them. They entered the sanctuary where Lhupo and his two assistants quickly surrendered and offered directions straight to King Grol’s room in exchange for being let go. The party spared the goblins and proceeded to make their way to Grol’s chambers.

There, they eavesdropped on Grol trying to make a deal with a female drow for Gundren and his map. Danial, on a raging tear from being called fat by one of the bugbears earlier, kicked the door down and the battle began. Orrick and Claudius double-teamed Grol while Danial tended to an unconscious Gundren, who was being held captive. Pimpernel squared off with the drow, but the drow attempted to flee when the dwarves killed Grol. However, she wasn’t able to make it out, and her dying form revealed that she was actually a doppleganger.

Once the fighting ended, Orrick declared that he’d take Gundren back to Phandalin while the party journeyed to Thundertree to talk to Reidoth the druid and see if he knows anything about Wave Echo Cave and any of the other tasks the townspeople had given them. The party, weary from an intense fight through the castle, opted for a long rest and chose to head out to Thundertree in the morning.

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