Session 8: The First Loss

16th of Highsun, 1481 DR

The party, after conquering Cragmaw Castle and rescuing Gundren Rockseeker, began their journey northwest to the abandoned town of Thundertree. There, they sought the old druid Reidoth to ask him a few questions concerning some of the remaining tasks they had to do.

Upon reaching Thundertree, they ignored the warning sign at the entrance of the city and began exploring. After checking out a couple run down cottages, they entered what was the town’s tavern. They scoured the place for loot, but only found four ash zombies who seemed to be the former employees of the tavern. After a lengthy battle, they defeated the zombies, only to find the tavern devoid of anything valuable. They then went south to find the source of a column of smoke from one of the more intact cottages. There, they found Reidoth, the old druid Pimpernel’s aunt suggested they meet.

Reidoth, who was residing in one of the more intact cottages, greeted the group after Pimpernel used Mage Hand to swipe Reidoth’s walking stick to ascertain his personality. He informed them of the banshee that lived just outside Conyberry, the undead seen at Old Owl Well, and the orcs at Wyvern Tor. He also explained that he was a member of the Emerald Enclave, a group of naturalists who explore and document the wilderness and keep the balance of nature. He made them aware of a couple of the other occupants of Thundertree: a strange cult and a young green dragon.

After leaving Reidoth, they continued to explore the town. Claudius was desperate to find a shield and his wish was seemingly granted when they came upon the general store. Pimpernel scouted the building out, noticing the inside was covered with webs. Danial ordered his two goblin sons, Droop and Yeemik, to scout the room. They reluctantly entered, only to be scooped up quickly by a spider from the ceiling. The party quickly entered the store, with Claudius entering from the backdoor. Bartholomeau used his lightning breath weapon to set the store counter on fire to both burn away the webs and add some light to the otherwise dark room.

As the battle raged, Pimpernel used Mage Hand to pluck the web-wrapped goblins from the ceiling and dropped them outside. After the spiders were slain, the goblins were cut free. However, it was revealed that Yeemik suffered a deadly poisonous bite before the battle and had perished. Droop cried, holding Yeemik’s body in his arms as their adoptive father stewed with rage.

A small funeral pyre was erected, and after a few words from Claudius the paladin, they cremated Yeemik and put some of his ashes in an old bottle from the tavern for Danial to keep. The party rested, eager to put the loss behind them and continue exploring Thundertree.

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