Session 9: Swing First, Ask Questions Later

16th of Highsun, 1481 DR

After taking a short rest to give Yeemik a proper funeral, the party collected themselves and continued their exploration of Thundertree. They searched a few more of the ruined buildings and found a herbalist’s shop that contained a hidden compartment in the shelves that contained an emerald pendant belonging to the woman they rescued from the Redbrand hideout. After that, they came upon a building with occupants. Those occupants were a small contingent of the Cult of the Dragon.

Two cultists guarded the doors when Pimpernel and Xidas snuck up to the building to scout while Claudius and Danial hid in ruins across from the building. Xidas decided to send her wolf pup companion, Kendama, to act as a distraction, but Kendama gave away her master’s location, alerting the guards.

Soon, six cultists, including the cult leader, stormed from the building and demanded why these people were disturbing them. The leader, Favric, explained that they were only there to gain favor with the green dragon that has made its nest in the tower at the northern end of town. Danial, tired of listening to explanation, threw a rock at Favric which led to a skirmish. In the end, three cultists were dead, two fled into the woods, and Favric found himself at the end of Danial’s blade.

Favric offered information and a way to sway the dragon in exchange for his life. The group agreed, and Favric explained that the young dragon was a green one named Venomfang. Favric offered the group a single diamond as a way to make peace with Venomfang, but he presumed the group would just attack the dragon as they did his own cult members.

After leaving the cultists’ house, the party made their way north to a building that appeared to be a small keep or barracks. The party split up, pairing off when Claudius pointed out that the keep had nearly half a dozen ash zombies inside. Danial and Pimpernel easily dispatched one in the back room of the keep while Xidas and Claudius took on three zombies in the main room. After a lengthy battle and Xidas getting poisoned, all the zombies were eliminated. A search of the barracks revealed nothing more than old, rusty weapons.

With the vast majority of the town explored, the team looked towards the center of town at the tower, eager to face their first dragon.

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