Session 10: Flattery Will Get You Everywhere

17th-20th of Highsun, 1481 DR

After clearing out the majority of the deserted town of Thundertree, the party had only one more obstacle in their way: confronting a young green dragon. The party made their way to the tower in the center of town, with Claudius, Pimpernel, and Xidas disguised as dragon cultists and armed with the diamond they received from the cult leader.

They entered the cottage attached to the tower first, noticing the only thing between them and the dragon was a large, wooden door. They attempted to open it quietly, but the sound of Claudius’ armor stirred awake the slumbering Venomfang. Pimpernel quickly prostrated himself in front of the dragon, offering worship and the diamond as a peace offering. Venomfang cautiously accepted, and let the party in to speak their case.

A diamond certainly was a nice addition to Venomfang’s hoard, but he requested more. Pimpernel offered up Danial as a living offering to serve the dragon. Venomfang accepted, and found himself enjoying a song Danial played to demonstrate his worth. However, Danial’s impatience with negotiations (and his involuntary sacrifice) drove him to attack Venomfang. With a Hold Person spell and his longsword, Danial initiated combat. Xidas managed to use Ensnaring Strike as well, allowing the party to do a decent amount of damage, but Venomfang escaped being held and flew out of the tower’s roof.

Once the dragon’s hoard had been pilfered, Claudius got acquainted with Hew, a new battleaxe found in the treasure. The party then decided to finish up their to-do list and ventured deeper into Neverwinter Wood. The forest got colder and darker before the party came upon an opening in the trees where Agatha, the banshee, lived. Danial used his silver tongue to approach the banshee, and offered the box he was given by the priestess in Phandalin. Agatha accepted the gift and agreed to answer one question. Danial inquired about what was going on at Old Owl Well, and Agatha explained that there was a necromancer there named Hamun Kost searching for something. She then disappeared and the party moved forward, glad to get out of the woods.

After a few more hours of travel, the party came upon Old Owl Well. Pimpernel scouted ahead and noticed that a dozen zombies seemed to be guarding the place. After sneaking up on the zombies and getting some surprise attacks on them, the party’s assault was halted when Kost appeared, angry that the party attacked “his possessions.” After talking with him, Kost revealed that he was trying to open a magically locked door in the basement of the tower so he could retrieve some very powerful artifacts left behind by the mage who once lived there. The party attempted several times to open the door, but to no avail. Kost then struck a deal with the party, saying that he would prevent his zombies from attacking miners who passed in front of the tower in exchange for the party finding the mage’s name. He suggested they try Wyvern Tor, where orcs who have ransacked the tower took what they stole back with them.

The party agreed and made their way southeast to find Wyvern Tor. They set up camp near the caverns in the mountainside to recover and plan their next moves.

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