1st Annual State of the Blog

The new year often inspires people to look back at the previous year and pinpoint the ups and downs, the successes and the failures, and to recognize where things can be changed and improved. This post is serving that very purpose, as I feel it necessary to look back at the first year of Awesomsticks’ existence.

I will start with the fact that this is the first time in my life I have kept up this much with a blog. I’ve started and deleted dozens of blogs in my past because I lost interest in posting to them, often because the reason I started the blog had passed or changed. The reasons I started this blog seemed to have remained and become a large part of my life. This, in turn, has developed into extended interest in maintaining this blog.

In the fashion of delivering healthy criticism, I am going to present flaws and shortcomings of the blog sandwiched in between a positive achievement and a constructive suggestion for remedying the issue.

  1. As much as I have stuck with this blog, I feel that I failed in keeping a regular posting schedule. This will change in 2019, as I’ve set myself a goal of three posts a week. I have plenty of time to write given my weekend job allows me lots of time to write, and I haven’t taken proper advantage of that privilege.
  2. I am happy with the website’s format, theme, and layout, but it severely lacks custom visual graphics. I plan to change this by commissioning a banner image, logo, and site icon by someone who is far more adept and talented than me with website graphic design.
  3. The Delicious Dungeoneers campaign diary has been one thing that has kept me posting to the site, but I feel it could use more content. Adding photos of our sessions, more detailed character descriptions, and making the page more appealing is definitely on the list of site improvements.
  4. I’m so very happy that 20 people on WordPress made the choice to follow Awesomsticks. Thank you very much for taking the time to poke your head in and give my humble chunk of the Internet a look. With that, I feel I haven’t properly promoted the site outside of WordPress. A better social media presence and more networking with other WordPress bloggers should help get the word out.

Major Changes/New Stuff

  1. I am currently in the final planning stages of launching an Awesomsticks podcast. The podcast will focus on how nerd culture and its ever-changing landscape (especially when it comes to its effect on mental health and social issues such as race and gender inclusion) has affected me and my world view, opinions, biases, values, and morals. I hope that by expressing these things, people who have had similar experiences can feel that they have someone else to relate to. I also hope to present the issues discussed in a manner that is respectful and honest in the effort to open similar discourse.
  2. Awesomsticks now has its very own Twitter! If you are on Twitter a ton (like I am), please follow @awesomsticks for website updates, announcements, and blog posts.
  3. One of the hobbies I’ve picked up since becoming obsessed with D&D is mini painting. I plan on launching a page that showcases the pieces I’ve painted and the process of painting future projects. I’m still not great at it, but I feel sharing my journey will inspire others to take up the hobby and we can all share our progress.

2018 was an arduous, stressful, and life changing for me. I’m more focused than I ever have been when it comes to creative projects and I want to make 2019 the year I can shift from working two part time jobs to earning a living from my creative efforts. Thank you to everyone who took the time to check out Awesomsticks and I hope you keep coming back as the site evolves.

Thank you,


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