Session 11/12: Wyvern Tor and the Journey to Wave Echo Cave

20th-27th of Highsun, 1481 DR

After leaving the necromancer Hamun Kost at Old Owl Well, the party ventured into the foothills of the Sword Mountains in search of the orc camp in Wyvern Tor. After Pimpernel failed to take out the lone guard of the cave entrance, the guard retreated and returned with reinforcements. A battle ensued, and the orcs were quickly dispatched.

After entering the cave, the party came upon three orcs in the midst of an argument where one of the orcs attempted to attack one of the others. The distraction was enough to get the drop on them, and the party surprised the orcs. But the biggest surprise came in the form of an ogre that showed up to back up his orc comrades. However, the ogre proved to be more of a distraction to the party rather than a threat, as they easily defeated him.

Then the orc leader showed up, complaining that the adventurers interrupted his lunch. He attacked the party while munching on an apple. That apple proved to be the last thing he ate, however. After clearing the cave of all the orcs, the party left with a set of hide armor and some partially burnt pages of books taken from Old Owl Well.

When they returned to the tower at Old Owl Well to give Hamun Kost what they found, they discovered that the impenetrable door had been opened. Inside the small room, they discovered a wardrobe with ceremonial robes matching the colors of chromatic dragons, a pedestal with a missing relic, and a couple books written in Draconic describing incantations required for turning into a lich. Bart kept the books despite the rest of the party’s reluctance to do so, and each party member collected a robe for themselves.

The party then made their way back to Phandalin where Sister Gaerele thanked Danial for delivering the silver comb to Agatha the banshee despite him forgetting to ask the question she requested. She then asked if she could meet Danial later for dinner at the Stonehill Inn. Danial agreed.

Bart and Pimpernel went to the Lionshield Coster to return Linene’s stolen shipment of supplies. Linene was very grateful and offered to sell them one thing each from the crate at half price. Pimpernel purchased a new shortsword and a shortbow. Bart bought an ornate longsword with an interesting carved handle. Danial then showed up with Droop. Linene was not happy with a dirty goblin in her store, and demanded they leave. Pimpernel managed to talk down the price for their new gear even further in exchange for leaving.

The party then reconvened at Townmaster Wester’s office/home. There, they reunited with Orrick who had been by Gundren’s side as he recovered. Gundren was finally awake and pleaded with the party to find his brothers, who seemed to have been kidnapped by The Black Spider. Townmaster Wester explained that liberating the mine and the Forge of Spells would revitalize Phandalin and return it to its former glory, and asked the party to help the citizens of the town regain their prosperity.

Orrick gave a rousing speech, challenging each party member to step up and be heroes for Phandalin once again. He explained that the Redbrands were nothing compared to what was in the mine, and that they needed to be at the top of their game to accomplish this. The party agreed, and headed to the Stonehill Inn for a preparatory meal and a good night’s sleep.

At the inn, Sister Gaerele met the party and hung out with them over the course of the night. She and Danial bonded, and Droop took a liking to her as well. After an awkward goodbye, a flustered Gaerele returned to her shrine. The party retired for the night to prepare for their morning trek to Wave Echo Cave.

The following morning, the party rustled up horses and made their way to Wave Echo Cave. With Xidas scouting the trail and Orrick armed with Gundren’s map, they came upon the magically hidden entrance to the cave and went inside. In the first cavern they discovered the dead body of Tharden Rockseeker, Gundren’s older brother. Orrick said a prayer for the dead and removed Tharden’s boots, which were valuable, and led the party onward.

The group came upon a group of stirges that attacked them in the next cavern, but Pimpernel easily fried them with a Burning Hands spell. They discovered the assayer’s office, where Pimpernel picked the lock of a strong box containing a sizable score of coin. They then cleared out the old guard room with a group effort that included a Thunderclap from Danial and a particularly out of character flurry of strikes from Claudius. They then prepared to move on further into the cave.

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