Mid Year Blog Update

Hello readers and followers of Awesomsticks! Before we get down to business, I want to thank each and every person who has followed, read, shared, and favorited the stuff I’ve written this past year. There have been long periods of inactivity mixed with a few months of regular posting, and I apologize for that. My physical and mental health hasn’t been the greatest as of late, but I am still dedicated to this site and want to continue discussing D&D and mental health.

Now let’s get to what you can expect from Awesomsticks for the rest of the year and the foreseeable future.

What’s Going Away

Let’s get the bad news out of the way first. I had lots of plans for specific things I wanted to write about but finances and my brain became obstacles. So here are the things that will not be continued on the site.

The Pull List will sadly be removed. I planned on reviewing a new or favorite comic book every week, but my budget did not allow for this. I feel that one day I will revive this section of the site, but for now, it is shelved.

For those of you who read the campaign diary for the Delicious Dungeoneers, you may have noticed there hasn’t been any updates to that in a long time. The reason is that I was not happy with the format of how the story was being presented and I wanted to change it. However, my D&D group has decided to pause that campaign in favor of a new one in my homebrew campaign setting. So the Delicious Dungeoneers will sadly say farewell.

Lastly, I’m removing my creative writing from the site. Some folks really loved it, but I’m refocusing my creative writing efforts towards something else that will be detailed later in this article.

What’s Staying on the Site

The core idea of this site was to write things about D&D, being a Dungeon Master, and my personal struggle with mental illness and it always will be. I will continue to post about my struggles with depression and anxiety so others can read my experience and hopefully realize that they are not alone.

I am obsessed with D&D and being a DM, so that is definitely not going away. I will continue to post my methods when it comes to world building, running the game, and my advice to new DMs. I have some great ideas that I want to put out there to get others’ opinions on them.

What’s Coming to the Site

Now for the good stuff.

First, the big news. My D&D group has chosen to start a new campaign in my homebrew world of Ebrium and they have all agreed to make our sessions into a podcast! We’ve already had our first session and the first episode will be going up within the next two weeks. It will be titled The Chronicles of Ebrium and will be a bi-weekly podcast with episodes running in the 1.5 hour range. More information as to where you can listen to it will be released in time, but you can always come to Awesomsticks.com to listen to it.

As a companion project to the podcast, I will be writing some short stories that reveal a little bit of the lore of Ebrium. This is where my creative writing efforts will be focused for the near future. This project does not have a name yet, but I will reveal it very soon.

Another series I’m planning is an interview series where I interview D&D players, Dungeon Masters, and D&D content creators about their work, their characters, and how the game has affected or changed their lives. This also doesn’t have a name yet, but I’ll keep you posted. I really want to learn about how others play the game and the creative processes of TTRPG content creators. This is an ambitious project and might not come on a regular schedule, but I feel like it is an important project to focus on.

This last thing might not appeal to everyone who reads my content, but I do know that there is a contingent of TTRPG nerds who also like sports (I’m looking at you, Mr. Willingham). The fall is approaching and that means that the NFL, NHL, and the English League football seasons will be starting. I will be writing things that pertain to those leagues, covering various topics from actual game events and performances to the social aspects and effects of those sports on society. Some will be outright fan pieces, others will be deep dives into the games in terms of philosophy, psychology, and sociology. Also, expect a lot of ranting and raving about the Buffalo Bills.

On this blog we stan Josh Allen.

So that’s it. I hope everyone continues to support my little corner of the internet and I appreciate every view, every like, and every share of my content. The rest of the year is going to be interesting and exciting for me and Awesomsticks and I invite you all to come along with me for this ride.

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