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DMsGuild Published Content: The Planestalker

In the dead of night all over the world, creatures of pure evil and darkness crawl out of the depths of the earth and sea, escape ancient tombs, or even rip an extra-planar hole and cross over from the most dangerous planes in existence. They prowl the countryside, terrorize citizens, and wreak havoc everywhere they go. Most people cower in fear of these beasts and entities, choosing to run and hide, praying the abominations take what they want and leave. Only those who are educated in the habits and weaknesses of these creatures and who are armed with blade and magic to combat them, run towards the danger with reckless abandon. They spend years perfecting their skills and absorbing the knowledge needed to rid this plane of these invaders. These people form groups called Orders that dedicate their lives, and sacrifice some of their life force, in exchange for power that rivals the very creatures they defend against. These people are known as Planestalkers.

Introduction to “The Planestalker”

This is the introduction of my first published content on DMsGuild, The Planestalker. It is a homebrewed and original character class available for $1.00. It contains the lore pertaining to the Planestalker class as well as four subclasses with room to build your own. You can purchase the PDF here.

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