Site Update: New job, podcast status, new article series

Hello, Awesomsticks fans!

I wanted to post a bit of a site update as there has been a significant change in my life that will affect the content output on this site for the foreseeable future. I recently secured a full-time security gig on weekdays, working second shift, 2 p.m.-10 p.m. I have also opted to continue working my weekend gig at the park. This means I do not get a day off. I’ll still write stuff in my downtime at the park, but more involved projects will take longer to continue.

This leads me into the podcast. I’ve had Episode 2 half edited for almost a month now. My new job has cut into my free time and editing takes 2-4 hours an episode. I have to find a chunk of time to cut out every week to do this. But rest assured, I will be posting it when time permits. We already have at least three more episodes already recorded, so the backlog of content is there waiting for me to free up some time.

As far as D&D content on this site, I’ve decided to take a deep dive into the Dungeon Master’s Guide and do a series of articles on the many alternative rules for campaigns that the DMG details. I’ve begun using a couple of these rules in the Ebrium campaign, so I figured I’d go through and give my opinions on how they would work, if I’d ever use them, and how useful they truly are. I’m hoping to get the first of these articles done for tomorrow, but like everything else in my life, that deadline might be tentative.

Thanks again for continuing to read Awesomsticks, listening to the podcast, and sharing my work with people who share interest in the stuff I write about.

Until next time,


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