Penny Arcade premieres new Call of Cthulu miniseries

Penny Arcade, the company that has produced a long running web comic and the Acquisitions, Inc. D&D franchise, launched a miniseries using the Call of Cthulu role-playing game Wednesday evening.

The series features the cast of Acquisitions, Inc.’s C-Team: Kate Welch, Kris Straub, Amy Falcone, and Ryan Hartman. The game’s “Keeper” is C-Team Dungeon Master Jerry Holkins, co-founder of Penny Arcade.

The players play versions of their regular C-Team characters modified to fit the series setting, the town of Promise, California, in 1867.

Straub plays Mr. Bluehand, a cyan-skinned prospector who survived an explosion in a mine as an eight year old. Welch portrays a salty saloon owner named Rose Bessinger who looks to cash in on the prospectors during the gold rush, legally or not.

Hartman translates his immature, privileged Dragonborn royal Donnar Blitz’en into the fancy East Coast snake oil salesman, Digby Bleeker. Falcone plays 14-year-old Willow Dawn Grace, a farmer’s daughter who lives with her mom who receives a visit from a frightening visitor.

Holkins said at the beginning of the episode that he plays in a Call of Cthulu game with Kris Straub as his Keeper. He felt it was time he tried his hand at the role. For his game, he chose a story set in the American West during the gold rush years instead of the typical Lovecraft setting.

“I have played Call of Cthulu several times over the years,” Holkins said. “But I thought that it might be fun to explore a western theme, specifically a wild western theme, for the game that we’re going to play here.”

Call of Cthulu is published by Chaosium, Inc., and is set in the horror world of H.P. Lovecraft. First published in 1981, Call of Cthulu players portray investigators trying to survive a mystery without losing their sanity or lives.

Penny Arcade’s Call of Cthulu show streams in the normal C-Team time slot, 4 p.m PST Wednesdays, on their Twitch channel.

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