The Adventure Zone gets chance to be an animated series on upcoming NBC streaming service Peacock

NBCUniversal is launching a streaming service in April called Peacock and there is talk of a potential animated series starring Tres Horny Boys of The Adventure Zone.

Hollywood Reporter reports that Peacock has ordered six scripts to enter the development phase for original content for the streaming service. One of those scripts is for an animated series based on the D&D podcast starring the McElroy family of My Brother, My Brother, And Me fame.

The show will follow the podcast’s first dramatic story arc, entitled Balance and will be produced by the McElroys. Orphan Black writer Adam Higgs will write and executive produce the show.

“We’re working with showrunner @adamjhiggs who loves our show just as much as we do and is immensely talented,” Justin McElroy said in a tweet on Thursday. “It’s going to beat ass.”

The Adventure Zone stars brothers Justin, Travis and Griffin McElroy and their father Clint as three outrageous adventurers who work for the Bureau of Balance, an organization trying to save the world of Faerun. Griffin serves as the Dungeon Master. Justin plays Taako “from TV,” a wizard of the culinary arts. Travis is carpenter-turned-fighter Magnus Burnsides. Clint portrays Merle Highchurch, cleric of the deity Pan and former beach bum.

The D&D game that evolved into The Adventure Zone was played as a filler episode of MBMBaM while Justin was away on paternity leave. After the episode aired it was picked up and developed by MBMBaM‘s podcast network, Maximum Fun, into a full campaign podcast. The show has featured role-playing games other than D&D, including the FATE system, Monster of the Week and Urban Shadows.

NBCUniversal has yet to announce an official release date nor a subscription price for Peacock as of this publication.

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  1. Oh good! Glad to see something not owned by amazon. Hopefully they take international subscriptions


    • seanfraser11

      I will definitely be giving some money to them if they greenlight the show. TAZ is one of my favorite shows.


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