Modiphius announces Dishonored tabletop role-playing game

Fans of the Arkane Studios’ Dishonored video game franchise can rejoice as the world of the Empire of the Isles has been adapted into a tabletop role-playing game.

In a news release Thursday, Modiphius said the game will rely on the 2d20 System which is used in both the publisher’s most popular games, Star Trek Adventures and Conan Adventures in an Age Undreamed Of.

Dishonored‘s co-creative director Harvey Smith worked closely with Modiphius to bring the Empire of the Isles to tabletop fans while remaining true to the game’s feel and narrative style.

“Modiphius has worked with a diverse selection of writers and artists, some of which have already worked alongside Arkane Studios on the video game series,” the news release said, “ensuring that the final product will live up to the fans’ expectations — while at the same time allowing them to explore the Empire of the Isles through a new lens.”

To adapt the 2d20 System rules to the game, Modiphius tapped Nathan Dowdell, the award-winning rules developer for Star Trek and Conan. The rules will focus on “fast-paced storytelling and showcasing the strange powers of the Void and the ever-present Chaos mechanics — all under the banner of the new Momentum System.”

Federico Sohns, of Nibiru RPG, and a team of other creatives were brought in to help develop the world of Dishonored to a tabletop format.

The book will be released in a deluxe hardcover digest book that will be easy to bring to any gaming table. It will contain everything players and storytellers will need to jump right into the game. Custom dice sets will also be released along with the book to further add to the immersion of the game.

The game will include an introduction to the Empire of the Isles with a deep dive into its history and the struggles its citizens face daily. Players will play a variety of Protagonists including assassins, criminals, explorers and crown loyalists. The guide will include a step-by-step guide on how to build characters that fit well within the setting.

Story hooks and deep, interesting antagonists are also detailed in the guide. There is also a details about the Void and all the strange and “reality-beind powers” it can bestow.

A four-act mini campaign entitled “The Oil Trail” will immerse new players into the city of Dunwall and act as a primer for the universe.

Modiphius Entertainment will bring the Dishonored RPG to fans in Q2 of 2020.

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