World of Darkness announces guest stars for Season 4 of L.A. by Night

One of the most popular Vampire: The Masquerade streaming shows in the past couple years have unveiled a list of guest stars for this installment of their epic chronicle.

World of Darkness’s Twitter account tweeted an announcement Monday in the form of a preview graphic featuring cast members both old and new.

Returning to the show are the main cast members, B. Dave Walters (Victor Temple), Erika Ishii (Annabelle), Cynthia Marie (Nelli G), and Alexander Ward (Jasper). Carver, Annabelle’s sneaky and cruel sire played by Taliesin Jaffe, is featured in the graphic, hinting at a return to the show in a guest star capacity.

Also featured is Kyoko, the Tremere Wyrd Sister played in past seasons by acclaimed anime and video game voice actor Faye Mata. The cast of new guest stars will include actor, cosplayer, and frequent tabletop RPG player Mica Burton, playing a character named Delilah.

The tale of the Anarch coterie featured in the show follows the exploits of media mogul Victor Temple, the undisputed Baron of The Valley, fashion icon Nelli G, Kindred rebel Annabelle, and the secretive and deadly Jasper, as they protect their turf from the incoming Camarilla invasion and the ever-present threat of the Second Inquisition.

L.A. by Night originally aired its first three seasons on the Geek & Sundry Twitch channel, but the show has moved to the official World of Darkness channel for the fourth season. The game is run by V:tM brand marketing manager for Paradox Interactive, Jason Carl.

The fourth season premieres Friday, January 31 at 8 p.m. PST.

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