Descent in Midnight to launch Kickstarter, stretch goals feature the Streampunks of QueueTimes

Featured image by Cristian Palmer

A TTRPG set deep in the ocean featuring psionic characters who “fight mental, physical, and spiritual corruption threatening their ecosystem, their home, and their friendships” will launch a Kickstarter with unique stretch goals that will show off the game via a mini campaign starring the Streampunks of QueueTimes.

Descent in Midnight (DiM) will launch their Kickstarter for their game on February 15. With each stretch goal they hit, an episode of the campaign will be unlocked. They are shooting for a 12-episode series.

The DiM Twitter account announced on Saturday the partnership with QueueTimes and the Streampunks, the independent group of RPG streamers led by Game Master Eric Campbell. The group consists of Sam de Leve, Bonnie Gordon, Xander Jeanneret, Revati Dhomse, Gina DeVivo and Aki Shidare. Currently, the group has a Star Trek Adventures campaign called Clear Skies airing on QueueTimes’ Twitch channel.

According to the DiM website, the game is built upon the Powered by the Apocalypse system and will focus on “the emotional connections & powers of the characters to propel and escalate the story.”

The setting is an unexplored Blue Planet covered with an ocean. Players will play characters that are driven by Agendas and Principles that focus on exploration and testing the emotional strength of their characters.

“This is the game, out of  all the games I like to play, that I’ve been the most comfortable in playing a non-humanoid character, and that ‘s especially neat,” said an anonymous playtester quoted on the site.

No details have been released as to when this mini campaign will air.

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