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Editorial: Dael Kingsmill is a master of myth and fantasy

Back in 2013, Geek & Sundry started a vlogging portion of their channel. They recruited some very interesting vloggers from around YouTube who created geek and pop culture content. One of those vloggers was a young Aussie with a penchant for Greek mythology. And when I say “penchant” I mean “a deep, burning, ever-flowing need to know and share” Greek mythology. That young woman was Dael Kingsmill.

The G&S vlogging channel ended almost two years after its launch, but Dael was one of the few that carried on her quest to share her knowledge of myth and legend on her own channel, Monarch’s Factory. She made videos about fairy tales (dubbed Fairy Daels), a rambling series on the tangents her brain tends to go on from time to time called TEDs (Too Easily Distracted) and some Pokemon videos. A theater major, in 2018 she wrote, produced and starred in the web series Wolfgang that followed a group of young werewolves over the course of a year of their lives.

Wolfgang was entertaining and quite well done on a next to nothing budget. However, the content that seemed to bring Dael into the forefront were her D&D videos. She began a home game with her family with her as DM and she started sharing her experiences and ideas about how to homebrew the game. Her deep love of storytelling, her seemingly intuitive grasp of D&D rules and her love of tinkering and tweaking things in the game became apparent.

Her D&D videos cover a wide range of topics. She gives tips on how to come up with realistically functioning and laid out city maps and how to stay properly organized as a DM. Her takes on how she would incorporate things like knights and squires and the Feywild into her games offer other DMs a plethora of ideas for their own campaigns. She’s redesigned the Beast Master Ranger to make it more interesting and intuitive (I’ve personally used her Beast Master in my own home game and I must say it is far more fun for both DM and player).

Dael’s videos also tackle things like how to make traps sensible and how she deals with wizard’s familiars in her home game. She also uses her knowledge of Shakespeare to redesign the alignment system based on the morality code in Julius Caesar. She even dives into her versions of the druidic language and her take on Thieves’ Cant is remarkable and very useful. Her most recent video explains how to incorporate the great Greek epic and mythology into a D&D campaign.

Each video she makes shows that Dael seemingly has enough room in her brain to think about all of these things and how they relate to each other and I frankly don’t know how she does it. It’s almost magical to watch her weave together her Tolkien knowledge with her D&D acumen while sprinkling it with ancient myth. Her quirky, pretentious sense of humor shines through in every video, which she dutifully requests of her viewers to “share this video with your grandma.”

Dael is a delight to listen to if you love people who are so passionate about something that they need to share it with the world. She remains one of my favorite sources of D&D information and entertainment on YouTube. You can find her D&D videos here. The series Wolfgang can be found here. And if you fall in love with Dael and her content, tossing her a buck on her Patreon is especially suggested.

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