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Modiphius fully releases Fall of London for Vampire: The Masquerade

In the most recent canonical lore, the World of Darkness events that occurred in London paved the way for the rest of the world to prepare for the Second Inquisition and Modiphius has released the official Chronicle guide to allow players to shape those events and change the World of Darkness forever.

Modiphius announced today that the Fall of London Chronicle guide is available in print and PDF forms from and PDF form only at

The campaign takes place in 2012, just before the Second Inquisition sacked London. The players’ coterie will be members of the Cult of Mithras searching for the five relics of the ancient god-king himself, ultimately taking the fate of Britain’s most powerful Kindred in their hands.

In an interview published on Modiphius Entertainment’s website, RPG writer Mike Nudd detailed the challenges in writing a story so integral to the game’s canon.

“We were working to a very specific brief prepared by White Wolf and Modiphius, which needed to simultaneously tell two stories,” said Nudd. “One about the ultimate fate of the Ventrue methuselah Mithras, and another about the ultimate fate of the Kindred community of London at the hands of the Second Inquisition.”

Nudd considered the challenge of writing a non-linear narrative while giving the readers both information about the state of London in 2012 and the current situation in the lore especially challenging.

“Building the chronicle as a non-linear narrative meant that all six authors had to collaborate closely on the material,” Nudd said.

Nudd’s favorite personal contributions to the Chronicle revolved around the story of Mithras, one of the oldest and most powerful Kindred in the world.

“The methuselah is one of my favourite antagonists,” said Nudd. “The story of his destruction first described in The World of Darkness 2nd Edition – offered without any real explanation – left many unanswered questions. Our story in Fall of London fully contextualizes this previous material to tell a story in a manner that I hope satisfies old and new fans alike.”

This is the first official 5th Edition Chronicle for Vampire: The Masquerade released by Modiphius Entertainment. It is a 260-page hardcover book or PDF and utilizes the current 5th Edition Storyteller rules set.

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