An in-depth look into the Awesomsticks Patreon

Our world has been turned upside down by a highly infectious virus. Millions of people are suffering with the disease and thousands have died. People are out of work, our economy is collapsing, and our leadership is full of rich, greedy dunces who are dropping the ball at every turn.

Soooo…I decided to start a Patreon.

I wanted to get the fact that I picked the worst possible time to start this right away. It’s dumb, but I needed to do it because if I had waited until the pandemic was over, I’d never have the guts to do it.

You see, by setting up a way for people to regularly pay you to create content, you kind of have to create content on a consistent basis so they will continue to give you money. On top of that, you have to give people more, better, and cooler content if you want them to pay more than the minimum. That’s a huge commitment and one I wasn’t sure if I was prepared to do so much.

But with this pandemic, I realized that my day job can disappear at the drop of a hat. I could go from employed to unemployed with a wave of a hand and a signature on a piece of paper. I needed to set up something to buffer myself from total destitution should that horrible day occur. And frankly, I don’t want to have a day job forever. I want to be a writer. So this was my chance to explore what it’d be like to be self employed.

So, I made a Patreon. Now, you’re probably wondering what’s in it for you, the potential patron. Well, let’s go through each tier and explore just what you’ll get for investing in Awesomsticks.

The first tier is the Bronze level tier. It’s a simple $3 a month. Very low key, low risk investment. There is now a page here under Support Awesomsticks that will be our Hall of Heroes, featuring the names of all our patrons. You will have your spot on that list.

The Silver level tier offers a little more. For $10, not only will you get into the Hall of Heroes, but you will get early access to the Awesomsticks podcast. Once a month, I’ll release a podcast that dives a little deeper into elements of tabletop RPGs, discuss current events in tabletop gaming, and hopefully feature some interviews with prominent people in the TTRPG community. The schedule for this podcast’s release, both for patrons and for the general public, is to be determined, so follow @awesomsticks on Twitter for updates.

The Gold level tier, at $25 a month, offers patrons glimpses into my most ambitious creative endeavor: I’ve been writing a D&D campaign setting guide for a place called Ebrium. It’s nowhere near done, but to share things with patrons to get feedback is incredibly valuable to me. The content I intend to share involves new classes I design for the setting, lore about the world in the form of short stories, maps, NPC character profiles, and a lot more. Eventually, the campaign setting will be published and patrons at this tier and higher will be listed in the credits for the book.

Our final tier, the Platinum tier, is the most ambitious. For one $50 contribution, not only do you get everything from the lower tiers, but four people a month will join me for a D&D or Vampire: The Masquerade one shot over Discord. I love DM’ing and I haven’t had a gaming group in a while, so I wanted to offer a one shot so I could play at least once a month.

There are a few caveats to this tier, though. One, you must have a Discord account and the proper equipment (mic and camera). Second, the four players must agree on which game they choose to play. Thirdly, the game will be played in the month after the players have paid. A date and time will be agreed upon by the players. Any players who cannot make it last minute will not be refunded, however. Give at least 72 hours notice to me so we can reschedule.

The success of this Pateron is not going to be immediate, but anyone who finds my content interesting and informative and decides to toss me a few bucks a month is immensely appreciated. Over time, this lowly little blog will turn into a community. That’s my goal, anyway. So please check out the Patreon and consider supporting Awesomsticks.

And please wash your hands.

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