RPG veteran Ray Winninger named head of D&D team at Wizards of the Coast

Dungeons & Dragons had its best financial year in 2019 and now they have officially announced that there is a leadership change to carry the brand into the future.

According to EnWorld, Ray Winninger has been named Executive Producer of D&D. Winninger is not a stranger to the game, as he has written the Dungeoncast column for Dragon Magazine and worked for TSR, Mayfair Games, and West End Games. He is also the co-desginer of DC Heroes and Torg.

Winninger’s role was confirmed by Christopher Perkins on Twitter, jokingly saying Winninger’s official title was “Flumphmeister.”

“Both @JeremyECrawford and I report to Ray and we adore him,” Perkins said.

Winninger officially introduced himself in the newest issues of Dragon+, praising the current creative team.

“I’ve already been impressed by the skills and the passion of the designers, artists, editors, and production staff who bring you our terrific D&D products,” Winninger said.

Winninger has been playing D&D since 1977 when he was “standing in line outside my local hobby shop, waiting to purchase the brand-new Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Player’s Handbook.” He supported himself through college by designing D&D material, starting with Dungeon Module I13 in Adventure Pack.

Winninger mentioned in his introduction D&D’s efforts to keep supplying players with new products to play during the COVID-19 lockdown. He and the creative team are dedicated to “keep the new ideas and new products coming.”

“We’re working to safeguard the D&D business, taking whatever steps we can to ensure that our partners and ourselves will be bringing you more Dungeons & Dragons for a long time to come,” Winninger said.

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