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Artist Spotlight #1: Melissa, aka “Druid”

Our very first Artist Spotlight shines brightly on a comics veteran who specializes in dark fantasy, horror and tabletop RPG illustration. Her name is Melissa, known to the internet as “Druid.” Her, along with her writer collaborator, Alchemist, make up the duo of “Alchemist and Druid.” Together, they create short comics and fictional prose that is featured on their website,

Melissa’s art features interesting and dynamic poses for her subjects and incorporates a large, bright palette of colors.

“I love incorporating historical/cultural flair and lots of details to really bring out an individual’s personality,” Melissa said in her submission email. “[I] really enjoy the challenge of tackling the diverse species and races found in most fantasy settings.”

Melissa is also an dedicated D&D player who favors changelings and tieflings as character races. Alchemist serves as her DM as well. When it comes to her play style, Melissa chooses to “play like a barbarian” despite whatever class she has chosen.

For more information about commission pricing:

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