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Play Money 5/22/2020

Welcome to the first installment of Play Money! Here, we’re going to feature crowdfunding efforts, DMsGuild and DriveThruRPG products and interesting tabletop RPG gaming accessories that you can spend some extra scratch at the end of the week on.

Kickstarter: Fantasydice Nightwatch Metal Dice

Photo from Fantasydice Kickstarter page

Fantasydice, a new manufacturer in the tabletop dice and accessory industry, is raising money to launch their Nightwatch metal dice set. These large, finely crafted pieces are crafted from full zinc and feature tapered edges and a high-quality finish.

The company has spent two years perfecting their dice manufacturing process, going through many versions of molds before finding the perfect one.

“We can honestly say that these are the best metal dice on the market,” they said on their Kickstarter page.

The project is currently 56% funded and has 41 days to go as of this publication. You can support them on their Kickstarter page and visit their website for more information and a list of other products they sell.

DMsGuild: The Astronomer by Griffin Fredette

Recently, Wizards of the Coast cemented the Artificer as an official class in D&D 5e, and this has inspired many variations on the original material.

Griffin Fredette has designed a subclass for the artificer that harnesses the power of the cosmos to fuel a character’s spells.

“Astronomers are artificers who have studied celestial bodies and seek to replicate their power by creating models of these things that hold a modicum of the power found in the real thing,” writes Fredette in the subclass introduction. “These artificers craft models of stars that contain expendable power, small bits of celestial force that can fizzle out just as a star does.”

The subclass is available on DMsGuild for $1.00. You can find Fredette’s other works on his publisher page.

Accessory of the Week: Sidequest Decks

As a DM, there comes a time when you misjudge the difficulty of an encounter and slaughter your players’ characters. This can be jolting and devastating and all the hard work your players put into their characters is seemingly gone.

This is a worry no longer with Inkwell Ideas’ Sidequest Decks. This set of cards is a great tool to allow your group’s story to continue by offering ways to give your players a chance to return to the material plane.

For instance, you can have your players fight through Hell to earn their way back to the land of the living. Or perhaps a deity judges your group’s choices and actions and gives them a chance to redeem themselves. There are 54 cards, each with several unique ideas.

The deck is offered as a physical deck with an accompanying PDF for $14.99 or you can get the PDF version for just $3.99 at Inkwell Ideas’ website.

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