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Artist Spotlight #2: Del

This week, our Artist Spotlight falls upon Del, as they are known around the internet. They are a queer artist from Turkey who recently returned to art school after dropping out a few years ago, but Del considers themselves a self-taught artist and “Tiefling Enthusiast.”

Their dream job is to be a concept artist and Del uses commissions to help practice to become one. In 2011, they contributed art to a Steampunk RPG project which was Del’s first concept art job, although it was an unpaid gig.

“I was so naive and inexperienced when I was working on it but I was so proud of the outcome of my work in the end, and I didn’t even have a tablet back then!,” Del said in their submission.

Currently, their concept art dreams are on hiatus as they deal with the workload from school. However, that has not stopped Del from coming up with creative ways to support themselves. Del creates “Ko-Fi Charms,” small character pieces that can be used as 2D printable minis for games through their Ko-Fi page.

Along with the Charms and character portraits, Del also does “doodles,” quick character portraits they do on their phone that are perfect for character art on digital RPG character sheets.

Del’s plans for the future include releasing NPC characters for their Patreon subscribers. Their portfolio can be found on ArtStation and their Twitter and Instagram profiles are there for folks to check out more art and contact them. Their commission information can be found below:

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