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Play Money 5/29/2020

In this installment of Play Money we have a variety of stuff you can spend that extra cash on this weekend.

DMs Guild: Hardboiled Adventures

Fans of the 1940s noir films and pulp novels can now use D&D’s rules set to create trenchcoat-wearing, dame-seducing, gangster-busting adventurers with this offering from DC Bradshaw.

Hardboiled Adventures is a complete guide to overhauling D&D to use as a base for a new genre and setting.

“This sourcebook maintains the fantasy world with elves, dragons and magic but updates the era to an age reminiscent of 1940s America,” Bradshaw writes in the product’s introduction. “The end result is “fantasy noir:” a style of campaign where gnomes, tieflings and minotaurs investigate (or perpetrate) crime in the cold, dark streets of a gritty hardboiled world.”

The price for this sourcebook is $7.95, but it is currently on sale for $4.95 if you click this link. The rest of Bradshaw’s work can be found here.


Let’s face it, there aren’t too many home games that don’t involve alcohol (sober players excluded of course) and sometimes, a bit too much to drink derails a few games. Thankfully, there are a couple products that will help your players get crunk and help DMs keep things under control.

First up, a tool all your players should keep around if they wish to be your group’s Sam Riegal. This “Drink for Initiative” gift set features a stainless steel flask that is laser etched, two stainless steel shot glasses, a steel funnel and comes in a lovely black gift box. It comes in red, blue, black or in a wooden sleeve.

It’s on sale on Etsy for $19.06.

Now that your players have a method of getting sauced, it’s the DM’s turn to make things interesting. This list of D&D drinking rules makes drinking affect not only the player, but their character.

The sign is made of 5mm thick birch plywood and has a metal hanger for easy mounting. Have one drink? Add +1 to Wisdom! Have five drinks? -2 to Intelligence. This is a handy tool for regulating your players’ inebriation to make sure you all are still sober enough to tell a great story.

It’s on sale on Etsy for $15.24.

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