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Artist Spotlight #3: Laura Renfrew

This week’s featured artist is Laura Renfrew. She is a UK based comics and character artist from Melbourne, Australia. She has been into art since she was a kid, illustrating short stories based on the movie, Jaws.

“[Jaws is] a movie I’ve still never actually seen,” Laura said in our interview. “There was no why to it really.”

As a young artist, she became fascinated with manga. She quickly became a Sailor Moon fan and as she got older her original focus of writing switched to making art instead.

Laura’s original career plan did not include art, however. Her initial passion was acting, but during the early stages of her undergrad, her passion for acting waned and she focused more on writing.

While earning her Master’s degree in publishing at the University of Melbourne, she was “dragged” into participating in an invitational tournament hosted by There, she made her first real comic, and from there she was hooked.

“I loved it and when the opportunity arose to take a course on comics at uni, I went for it,” said Laura.

She immersed herself in the local artist and comic community, meeting the very people she admired for so long. She credits Entervoid’s competition-driven deadlines for helping her develop the skills to produce quality art quickly.

“Working on comics really developed my love for expressive art,” Laura said. “I’d really recommend them to anyone even just wanting to dabble in comics.”

After working in marketing and creative production management, Laura chose to become a full time comics artist. She worked for Melbourne-based Squishface Studios for a while, but as of this year, she became an independent artist. She produces art for tabletop characters, RPG podcasts and RPG published content. She also has a web comic titled Tomorrow’s Misadventures, which is also planned to be available in print.

Laura’s portfolio and contact information for new projects can be found here.

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