RollPlay ends its seven year run in wake of controversy

One of the most popular actual play tabletop RPG shows on Twitch is closing its doors after seven years.

RollPlay, created by JP “itmejp” McDaniel, will end production of any new ongoing campaigns and one-shots, according to the article written by McDaniel on Monday.

Adam Koebel

This announcement came after RollPlay’s long time game master, Adam Koebel, announced via a blog post on his personal blog that he is leaving Twitch and halting creating any live content after an on-air incident featuring Koebel simulating sexual assault on a player character during the show, Far Verona.

The backlash Koebel experienced from fans influenced him to retreat from the public eye and re-evaluate his life and choices as a game master. In the past, Koebel has a history of being inclusive at his table and defending the idea that a GM should not make players uncomfortable.

“I’m stepping back from creating live content, from my Twitch channel, and from all its connected spaces, but I’m not disappearing,” Koebel said in his blog post.

Koebel will still be posting photography projects on his Instagram and writing for his blog. His Twitch and YouTube channels will stay up, serving as a depository for his on-camera work.

RollPlay’s seven year run included numerous campaigns using several different game systems over the years. It has featured popular Twitch streamers and a few celebrities along the way.

JP McDaniel

McDaniel decided to pull the plug on the show for reasons other than just Koebel leaving Twitch. He called Koebel “crucial in the day-to-day business of RollPlay, both in the public eye and behind the scenes.”

“In my eyes, RollPlay just isn’t RollPlay without him,” McDaniel said.

McDaniel stated that he could continue RollPlay with a new DM, but he felt that “the beauty of friends simply sharing adventures like it was in the start wouldn’t be authentic — it would then be wholly manufactured.”

“It works for many other brands — many who do it well — but it’s not what I set out to achieve from the start and not something I’m interested in continuing,” said McDaniel.

McDaniel said that current show, Echoes of Eternity, which is based in the Star Wars RPG universe, will continue its run as long as the cast desires to do so. All other shows, including the flagship show, Court of Swords, are canceled.

Changes to the show’s Patreon will include going to a “pay upfront” model instead of a monthly charge for patrons to get access to the patron-only posts. Merchandise sold for the show will also be discontinued.

McDaniel heavily invested in equipment to produce live in-house content, but with RollPlay ending, he said that the fate of the studio is up in the air.

“Without regularly occurring content to produce out of it, I’m not sure where it stands,” McDaniel said. “Once I have solid plans for its future in mind, I will definitely be sure to share them with you.”

McDaniel closed his post by referencing a bit of advice from his long time friend, the late John “TotalBiscuit” Bane, a stalwart game critic.

“I’ve adopted what TotalBiscuit once told me and made it a facet of my life: ‘get off your ass and make some content,'” McDaniel said. “So that’s what I’m going to do. Thank you once again for supporting RollPlay these past years and I hope you join me in the next adventure, whatever it may be.”

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