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Artist Spotlight #4: ObsoleteGoat

This week’s spotlight falls upon ObsoleteGoat, or Goat for short. They are a self taught freelance artist from Manchester, England who got into art shortly after secondary school and hasn’t looked back.

They originally began as a horror artist, which features prominently in their current art. However, they “fell out of love” with the horror art community and soon discovered the tabletop RPG and D&D communities.

“I loved the creativity and the ability to do anything,” Goat said. “Most of my work now is inspired by the home-brew world my own TTRPG group plays in.”

Their love of homebrewed content inspired Goat to begin publishing things on DMsGuild. They fully wrote and illustrated two titles and are currently working on a third.

You can check out Goat’s portfolio on ArtStation. You can also follow them on Twitter @ObsoleteGoat.

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