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Artist Spotlight #5: Kurolines

This week’s Artist Spotlight falls on Kurolines, an Australia-based artist who turned a stressful life change as a youngster into a love of character art.

When they were 12, their family moved from Australia to Thailand to complete some missionary work. Moving out of the country they’d known all their life terrified them and they struggled to cope with leaving their friends and everything they’d known behind.

Having to downsize for the move, they sold all their video game consoles for a solitary laptop. They found a love for online gaming, and started to get into art due to the huge lifestyle change. They dove head first into the internet and played games like Minecraft and Call of Duty most of the time. It was then when they discovered anime.

They started watching anime such as One Piece, Bleach, Naruto and Attack on Titan. Their parents strictly disapproved of these shows, so they had to stay up late at night to secretly binge their new discoveries.

“The bump up in maturity from what I was used to in cartoons really engaged me at the time,” Kurolines said in their DM interview. “A lot of the shows I was allowed to watch were aimed at child audiences, so I felt a little rebellious.”

This love of anime sparked Kuroline’s imagination and they began coming up with scenarios with characters in their head. This led to them beginning to draw them out in the art styles of their favorite anime shows.

“I started coming up with my own characters and ‘cool scenes,'” said Kurolines. “I started to think ‘How cool would it be to make my own stories like these!’ and ‘I could totally do this!.'”

They eventually turned their hobby of drawing into a job. They love drawing in anime styles but they specialize in semi-realism. They mainly take character commissions and enjoy learning about their clients’ characters.

“Expressing not only the physical features of the character, but their story is something I’ve been trying to focus on in my commission work,” said Kurolines.

You can find Kuroline’s portfolio at ArtStation and see their work on their Instagram and Twitter accounts. As far as pricing for their commissions:

“I charge per character, and if the request includes a background or not. Backgrounds are largely variable, so I charge on a case-by-case basis. You can expect backgrounds to cost as much as a character, or more. For characters, I currently charge $250 USD per design. I also give discounts on bundles of characters.”

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