AWESOMSTICKS was founded in 2018 by Sean Fraser after numerous attempts at starting a blog about various topics over the course of the last twenty years. After discovering his love for tabletop RPGs, he found himself with a renewed drive for creativity and a topic worth maintaining a blog about.

After two years and over 1500 views (that’s a lot for Sean) and 60+ followers, Sean decided to dedicate more time to the site and reform it with a new direction.


Hey, it’s the best one I had, ok?

Sean Fraser

Founder, Editor-In-Chief, Head Writer

AA in Mass Communications/Journalism, College of Central Florida

Writer, Digital Journal

Contributor, Celestial Teapot (defunct)

Sean was born in Lockport, NY, instilling in him a devout and rabid devotion to the NFL’s Buffalo Bills. He grew up in Oakwood, GA, and resides there today after stints in Crystal River, FL, Tucson, AZ, and Temple Hills, MD. He is a DM for a group of friends and is currently designing his own campaign world in his spare time.