Hello! Thank you for visiting AwesomSticks. I suspect you have a few questions about the site, so this page is pretty much an FAQ. If you don’t see your question addressed here, feel free to tweet me @Awesomsticks.

Who the hell are you?

<—-That’s me. I’m Sean.

Why does this site exist?

I want this site to be where I bridge the gap between mental illness and nerd culture. They seem to influence each other enough to merit acknowledging how and why they do.

Do you have any mental illnesses?

Currently, I exhibit symptoms of depression, generalized anxiety, and ADHD, but I have yet to be officially diagnosed. I’m working on that.

The fuck is AwesomSticks?

I have a friend named Janos (pronounced Yah-knowsh). He’s a very interesting, articulate human being. He used to say “Awesome skates” all the time, to express his approval about something. I spent a long time around him, and the word crept into my vernacular by audio osmosis. The thing is, I felt bad using the same word as him, so I switched out “skates” for “sticks.” I hope Janos doesn’t mind.

I see you play D&D. What’s up with that?

I’ve become obsessed with D&D in the last few years. Currently, I DM a group of friends most Wednesday nights. You can read synopses of our sessions here on the site under the Delicious Dungeoneers tab. I’m also a fan of shows like Critical Role, Dice Camera Action!, Rollplay, High Rollers, and Shield of Tomorrow, so expect content revolving around those shows as well.

You like sports, too? 

Fuck yeah. I’m one of those rare nerds who can appreciate sports as well as nerd stuff. Mainly NFL football, NHL hockey, and English League Football (or soccer for those not familiar). I’m a born and raised Buffalo Bills and Sabres fan, and I follow AFC Wimbledon of English League One. Because of John Green.

And video games?

Yes. I mostly play sports games, RPG’s, city builders, tycoon games, and a few MMO’s.