Content Guidelines


AWESOMSTICKS strives to earn the trust of our readers by providing accurate, unbiased information, strong advice for gamers, and work within the framework of a strong, progressive morality to promote and cultivate a community of inclusivity and the exchange of ideas without malevolence.

From a journalistic standpoint, we will always strive to present accurate information and present an issue from many viewpoints in order to maintain journalistic integrity. Sources for the information will be cited via links to the source material within the content. Editorial pieces will be prominently labeled as such so as to not confuse readers as to what is fact and what is opinion.

While the games focused on by AWESOMSTICKS will be mainly Dungeons & Dragons and Vampire: The Masquerade, we will not shy from posting pieces on other games in order to shine a light on the multitude of amazing RPGs available to consumers. Any paid promotional material for an RPG will be prominently labeled as such to maintain the trust between us and our readers.

We want the readers of AWESOMSTICKS to interact with our content by posting comments and having discussions about our content, forming a tight-knit community of players, DMs and Storytellers, and general TTRPG fans. Open discussion and debate is encouraged, but any discussions leaning towards hate speech and generally destructive behavior will not be tolerated.

Writing Guidelines

  1. AWESOMSTICKS content will be written using the Associated Press Style Guide to maintain journalistic integrity and a uniform format for the content.
  2. Editorial content will be prominently labeled “EDITORIAL” before the article title to insure that the reader knows the content is opinion-based. However, editorial content that does not have sources to back up the opinions will not be published.
  3. Player guides will be written in an open format and will be edited for consistency. These pieces will purely be opinion-based content based on the writer’s experience with the game involved. AP Style guidelines will still be required.
  4. Adult language is permissible in editorial content and player guide content. However, excessive use of it will not be tolerated. We would like to maintain a PG-13 level of content, but there will be concessions made based on the subject of the content.
  5. Content warnings for content including possibly upsetting subject matter will be required at the beginning of the article. The uniform format for this warning will be the following: “CONTENT WARNING: This article contains…”.

Other writing guidelines will be added as the site grows.