Poem: To George

The faint image through snow of the fuselage and lingering odor of fuel led me to my steed this evening. Freshly shined, dusted with a light layer of snow from the nor’easter moving across the state. The weather, dangerous. But the mission, noble. Climbing into the cockpit, the mechanic tosses up the stiff leather bag. In it, my cargo, the precious packages and letters, bound … Continue reading Poem: To George

Short Story: There’s This Girl

Don paced angrily back and forth in the living room in his baby blue bathrobe and boxer shorts. He grimaced, huffing a perturbed breath every few moments before looking sternly at his son, Jeff. He rubbed his stubbled chin in deep thought as he paced. Finally, he spoke. “First, you get caught skipping class. Then, you stay out after your curfew multiple times. Now, you … Continue reading Short Story: There’s This Girl