Review: Dungeons & Dragons A Darkened Wish #1

A Darkened Wish #1 Written by: B. Dave Walters Art by: Tess Fowler Colors by: Jay Fotos Lettering by: Tom B. Long Published by IDW Dungeons & Dragons has a rich and deep comic book history. Combining the much beloved game with a concrete medium such as comic books can be a challenge. Comic books don’t reflect the collective storytelling at the table top, the … Continue reading Review: Dungeons & Dragons A Darkened Wish #1

How Locke & Key changed my life

CW- Violent image involving a teenage girl I’ve been out of the comic book game for a long time. Until a few years ago, I hadn’t picked up a comic book since the mid 90’s. My first introduction into comics was the 1991 X-Men Vol. 2 number one, drawn by the legendary Jim Lee. I only got into the comic because of the Fox X-Men cartoon, which I watched religiously. Since … Continue reading How Locke & Key changed my life

Long Live The Wednesday Club

Author’s Note: All photos in this blog post are owned by Geek & Sundry. For the past five years, I have gotten most of my entertainment from the Internet. I stopped watching cable a long time ago and I’ve not looked back. The reason being that I’ve found a plethora of amazing content on streaming sites. The upside to streaming content is that it’s often live, off the cuff, and free of creative control from a network. The … Continue reading Long Live The Wednesday Club