5 ways to improve your mental health right now

When I realized and accepted that I suffered from depression, the first thing I made a decision to do was to find some sort of help. However, getting a therapist and taking medication was not in my budget. Therefore, I had to find ways I could improve and maintain my mood that didn’t cost anything and that I could do easily and every day. I … Continue reading 5 ways to improve your mental health right now

Long Live The Wednesday Club

Author’s Note: All photos in this blog post are owned by Geek & Sundry. For the past five years, I have gotten most of my entertainment from the Internet. I stopped watching cable a long time ago and I’ve not looked back. The reason being that I’ve found a plethora of amazing content on streaming sites. The upside to streaming content is that it’s often live, off the cuff, and free of creative control from a network. The … Continue reading Long Live The Wednesday Club

Minimizing Suffering and Finding What I Truly Need

I have a wall in my bedroom over the side of my bed that is completely blank. It’s bland and boring to look at, but I swore to myself when I moved in that I’d fill it with artwork. I wanted to make the wall my fan art wall and plaster it with work from various Critical Role fan artists. But mainly Tess Fowler’s work. … Continue reading Minimizing Suffering and Finding What I Truly Need

Homebrew Worlds 101: Map It Out

You’ve finally decided to design your own setting for a D&D campaign. You’ve read the overview I posted and think you can actually take on this monumental task. Now you’re ready to tackle step one: making a map of your world. Sprawling Continent or Localized Region? Your first decision is to decide how big you want your setting to be. You can choose to map out a region of … Continue reading Homebrew Worlds 101: Map It Out

Poem: To George

The faint image through snow of the fuselage and lingering odor of fuel led me to my steed this evening. Freshly shined, dusted with a light layer of snow from the nor’easter moving across the state. The weather, dangerous. But the mission, noble. Climbing into the cockpit, the mechanic tosses up the stiff leather bag. In it, my cargo, the precious packages and letters, bound … Continue reading Poem: To George

Short Story: There’s This Girl

Don paced angrily back and forth in the living room in his baby blue bathrobe and boxer shorts. He grimaced, huffing a perturbed breath every few moments before looking sternly at his son, Jeff. He rubbed his stubbled chin in deep thought as he paced. Finally, he spoke. “First, you get caught skipping class. Then, you stay out after your curfew multiple times. Now, you … Continue reading Short Story: There’s This Girl

Session 14: Black Spider Down

28-29 of Highsun, 1481 DR The Heroes of Phandalin fought their way through Wave Echo Cave searching for the Black Spider, hoping to wrest control of the mine and the Forge of Spells from his grip. After chasing a drow assassin up some stairs and into a hallway, they found themselves at an entrance to a large room. Pimpernel drank his potion of invisibility and snuck into the room. … Continue reading Session 14: Black Spider Down