Episode 01: Threads of Fate

In the premiere episode, we are introduced to four heroes, each with their own desires and goals, who will have their lives forever changed by a coming disaster. Cast DM- Sean Fraser Autumn Leaf Falls, Tabaxi Artificer- Kodell Emerson Sir Augustus Bellwinter III, Warforged Fighter- A.J. Pass Arista, Water Genasi Blood Hunter- Courtney Chilli Threxik Zamir, Half Elf Rogue- Dandy Kallahan Music from https://filmmusic.io “The … Continue reading Episode 01: Threads of Fate

DMsGuild Published Content: The Planestalker

In the dead of night all over the world, creatures of pure evil and darkness crawl out of the depths of the earth and sea, escape ancient tombs, or even rip an extra-planar hole and cross over from the most dangerous planes in existence. They prowl the countryside, terrorize citizens, and wreak havoc everywhere they go. Most people cower in fear of these beasts and … Continue reading DMsGuild Published Content: The Planestalker

Session 8: The First Loss

16th of Highsun, 1481 DR The party, after conquering Cragmaw Castle and rescuing Gundren Rockseeker, began their journey northwest to the abandoned town of Thundertree. There, they sought the old druid Reidoth to ask him a few questions concerning some of the remaining tasks they had to do. Upon reaching Thundertree, they ignored the warning sign at the entrance of the city and began exploring. … Continue reading Session 8: The First Loss

D&D as a coping mechanism

People with mental illnesses know that there are things we do to help us deal with our demons on a day-to-day basis. These are activities that help us focus, or relieve anxiety, or help stave off the racing, dangerous thoughts. Coping mechanisms have to be healthy and constructive to be worthwhile, though. Drinking, drugs, violence, promiscuity, etc., tend to be destructive while things like writing, … Continue reading D&D as a coping mechanism

Session 6: Crashing Cragmaw Castle

14th-15th of Highsun, 1481 DR When we last left our adventurers… The group ate breakfast at the Stonehill Inn in preparation for their trek to Cragmaw Castle. Claudius did not join them for the meal because he was still passed out from the massive amount of drinking he had done the night before. However, as he was sleeping he had a dream about walking up … Continue reading Session 6: Crashing Cragmaw Castle

Session 5: The Burdens of Heroes

13th-14th of Highsun, 1481 DR As the party for the Heroes of Phandalin wound down, Bart returned to the party after a bit of a shopping spree that netted him a Bag of Holding and a Cloak of Billowing. Ren also found her way back to the party after recovering from the long trip to Phandalin by getting and staying REALLY high for three days. … Continue reading Session 5: The Burdens of Heroes

Session 4: Heads are Gonna Roll

12th-13th days of Highsun, 1481 DR Our adventurers found themselves deep in the heart of the Redbrand Hideout under Tresendar Manor. After dispatching Mosk the bugbear and driving his allies to flee, The group inherited Droop, a goblin the bugbears were picking on. He agreed to help navigate the rest of the hideout in exchange for joining the group. Droop led them to the next … Continue reading Session 4: Heads are Gonna Roll

5 things I’ve learned being a DM so far

When I first decided to run a D&D game for my friends, I was incredibly nervous. I worried about forgetting rules or plot points. I hoped my NPC’s would come off as unique from each other instead of varying tones of the same exaggerated English accent. I hoped I wouldn’t bore my friends to the point of them nodding off. I hoped I could inspire … Continue reading 5 things I’ve learned being a DM so far

Session 3: In Pursuit of the Redbrands

12th of Highsun, 1481 DR After the brawl at the Stonehill Inn, our adventurers were scolded by Harbin Wester, the Phandalin Townmaster, for stirring up trouble with the Redbrands. As he choked back being sick from seeing all the blood, Wester charged the group with ridding the town of the Redbrands as well as getting rid of a group of orcs that terrorize the town’s … Continue reading Session 3: In Pursuit of the Redbrands