The Chronicles of Ebrium

On a world deep in the multiverse lies the continent of Ebrium. Three nations vie for supremacy while grasping onto a fragile, thin thread of peace. A single catastrophic event pulls taut that thread, testing the resolve of each nation’s leaders, bringing the continent ever closer to full-scale, widespread war.

Welcome to Ebrium

Ebrium is a homebrew world full of danger, adventure, and secrets. Each of the three distinct nations has its own flavor, style, and feel that is loosely based on an era of real world history. Traditional high fantasy elements woven together with magical technology and a touch of historical flavor make Ebrium an interesting, vibrant world worth sending adventurers through to explore.

Whether it’s in the stuffy, traditional, stiff upper lipped society of Gildelance, the glitzy, glamorous, fame obsessed land of Serenshore, or the lawless, pirate-filled land of the Allied Free Territory, any D&D player is sure to find something they love in Ebrium.

The Chronicles of Ebrium Podcast

This is an actual play podcast starring myself as DM and my friends as the players! New episodes will be available every other week and is solely produced by me and my friends. We’re available on the following platforms as well as here on Awesomsticks!

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Tome of Lore

Occasionally, I will post short stories that give readers a snippet of lore from the world of Ebrium. These stories will give insight to the events that occur during the podcast as well as hinting at things to come. Check them out here!

Other content and products will be coming soon, so check back often!