The Delicious Dungeoneers

The Party

In the world of Faerün, the paths of five wayward adventurers cross for what seems to be a simple task and end up knee deep in danger and intrigue. Can they trust each other to have each other’s backs, or will they all look out for themselves? Will the become a cohesive adventuring unit and conquer dungeons, find amazing treasure, and drink a ton of booze? Or will they sow the seeds of chaos and end up in the deep recesses of a prison somewhere? Only time will tell. Check out the adventures of the Delicious Dungeoneers here!

This is an ongoing chronicle of the D&D group I DM for on Wednesday nights. We get together for dinner, drinking, and shenanigans.

The Characters

Bartholomeau, Dragonborn Paladin– A paladin of Loviatar with a mean streak and a penchant for shopping

Claudius Ironborn, Dwarf Paladin A perpetually drunk servant of Tyr who hates orcs and can’t seem to keep his clothes on

Danial, Half Orc Bard A pun-driven performer who enjoys high stakes gambling and breaking faces

Pimpernel Goodbody, Halfling Rogue A semi-suave, big fish in a small pond rogue who revels in desecrating his enemies with golden showers.

Xidas the Inevitable, Half-Elf Ranger Brutal with their showrtswords, awkward with their dancing.